Revise in just one hour!- How to use the Power Hour.

We all understand the stress of revision. Cramming information at the last moment is never helpful but revision for most people is, understandably, boring. The solution to this is- getting creative with studying and revision. Put away your old ways of mugging up information- instead get smart with charts, flashcards and video essays, it is the […]

The Toughest Exams in the World

EXAMS ARE DIFFICULT FOR EVERYBODY Yet some exams are more difficult than others- some take months and months of focused preparation, while others take years. Here’s a small list of 5 of the most difficult exams in the world.   #5 IIT-JEE–  Now known as Joint Entrance Examination – Advanced (JEE-Advanced), the Indian Institutes of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) is an annual […]

Never forget anything again

STUDY EFFECTIVELY WITH FLASHCARDS. We all know how awful memorizing can be- especially with exams right at your doorstep, frantically knocking to be let in. Understandably, at a time like this, boredom and impatience run high- and productivity often goes out the back door.    We panic and clumsily cram as much information into our […]

Why is that song stuck in your head?

THERE IS A SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD! Ever had a song repeatedly play on and on in your head?   It can creep up on you when you’re brushing your teeth, sitting through a boring class or just waiting in line to get to the dentist and suddenly Justin Bieber is singing Despacito on […]