#3 Breaking the Myth: Depression

Breaking the Myth About Depression ( Part III) (continued from previous post) Words play an important role in the misinformation about depression. We take a look at phrases that are often told to teens showing signs of depression, and we break the myth that surrounds these phrases. #6 ” Why would my child be depressed, […]

#2 Breaking the Myth: Depression

Breaking the Myth About Depression ( Part II) Being a teenager can be tough. Amidst parental and peer pressure, maintaining an active online as well as offline social life, the pressures that come with studies and building a career, an average teen experiences stress and irritation- and it’s perfectly normal. But when this sadness or […]

Can You Taste Your Tongue?

Can You Taste Your Tongue? Your tongue is an incredibly important part of your body. The tongue serves as one of the primary ways we experience the world. This tiny muscular organ aids us in speaking as well as tasting and chewing our food! But have you ever wondered if the tongue can taste itself? It […]

Top 7 Colleges in India for Aeronautical Engineering

 Top 7 Colleges in India for Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical or Aerospace engineers design, develop and maintain aircrafts to ensure high level of technical precision and safe operations. They work in close coordination with aircraft maintenance engineers and in-flight and maintenance teams. Aerospace engineers may develop new technologies for use in aviation, defense systems, and spacecraft. Aerospace […]

Do animals get sunburned?

Do Animals Get Sunburned? Sunburn is a common summer malady for humans. Considering how hairless, and thin-skinned we are compared to most of other animals, it comes as no surprise that ultraviolet light from the sun can easily burn our skin! But have you ever wondered if animals too get sunburned like you do? The answer is that […]

7 Top Architecture Colleges in West Bengal

7 TOP ARCHITECTURE COLLEGES IN WEST BENGAL Architecture is on its way to becoming one of the leading career options in the country and in West Bengal, giving slow but steady competition to the other main stalwarts like medicine and engineering. Architecture includes the activity of designing models of building, preparing construction’s blueprint and other physical […]

Is Math an Invention or Discovery?

Albert Einstein had once asked,“How is it possible that mathematics, a product of human thought, that is independent of experience, fits so excellently to objects of reality?” His words seem to suggest a question that has been a raging debate since even the time of the Pythagoreans Is mathematics an invention or a discovery? Mathematics is […]