Areas of focus:


Explore Careers

In our country, careers are chosen largely on the basis of certain perceptions, rumors and out dated information instead of one’s own interests, skills and liking. Through constant interaction with students, parents and educationists over the years, we address this issue to enable better career decision making



In today’s world, one cannot run away from competition. Therefore it is extremely important to not only enjoy the process of learning but also be able to translate that into results. Edudigm specializes in helping students realize their true potential by bridging the gap between efforts and performance in competitive examinations like IIT JEE, AIEEE, Olympiads, AIPMT by synchronising them with the school syllabus.


Enjoy Science

Science amazes, demystifies and incites curiosity. We focus on nurturing interest in Science by making the HOWs & WOWs of Science & Technology more appreciable and enjoyable through inquisition, hands-on-experiments and real time applications of concepts.


Empower Teachers

Our consulting and training division not only works at upgrading and enhances the existing school curricula but also subsequently empowers teachers on the pedagogic, knowledge and technical aspects to create a better eco-system of teaching and learning.

Our inspiration

Education is the constant process & pursuit of knowledge about oneself and the surroundings to develop a perspective that would be wide, accepting & refreshing. With the ever growing population, the importance of education has grown manifold and has become one of the sole differentiators towards a better way of life-be it respect, status or wealth. The current education system though suffers from the following problems:

lack of passion

Lack of passion for teaching

There is a huge dearth of quality teachers as teaching is not looked upon as a rewarding profession. Teaching becomes a means of only imparting and not learning alongside that.


Just because the demand is high and people have a lack of right information, education is seen not as a platform to enlighten and nurture young minds but more as a platform to money making.


Lack of holistic guidance, proper information and direction leads to confusion, illusion & stress on the part of the students as well as parents.


Access to quality mentoring and facilities is limited to very few. Most students do not have access to even the basic facilities, leading to the ever increasing gap between the haves and have-nots

Core Team & People

Co-founder & CEO: At IIT, Rajiv started the Technology Transfer Group to transfer technologies from the academia to the industry. After graduating from Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, Rajiv worked as a consultant in the domain of Business Analytics and Intellectual Property . The exposure in the corporate arena along with internships at premier institutions like IISc Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, NJIT USA, TUT Finland, Rajiv gained important insights in technology, management and education to start Edudigm Education in 2009. He brings in oodles of positive energy, perspective and creativity to lead the Strategy, Business Development, Teacher Training & New Product Development at Edudigm. His strong interpersonal skills are not just limited to people but extend also to the realm of atoms, molecules and bonds – with whom he shares a special chemistry. Rajiv believes in the power of dreams and aspires to make a significant impact in bringing about a positive transformation of the educational landscape of India.

Co-founder & CTO: A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, Manish leads the Content and Technology Development at Edudigm. A reticent person who believes that action speaks louder than words, Manish’s expertise ranges from an atom to nuclear reactors to differential equations. He can memorize up to 16 digit numbers by hearing them once, calls people by their mobile numbers and credit card numbers. An active sports person, Manish has been involved in guiding students directly through classroom programs as well as over the web. His humble background has been a great motivator for him to spread education to remote places in the country.

Besides, the co-founders, Edudigm has a team of trained faculty members supported by individuals looking after the Operations, Marketing and Human Resource.