tech team

Digvijay Kaushal, Head of Technology

A techie to the core, Digvijay leads the development of Edudigm’s e-learning platform as well as the IT systems that make life easy for everyone. He focuses on improving student, employee and over all organisational performance through better decisions by properly storing, tracking and analysing data.

Pritam Kar

Pritam is a tech guy having experience over 6 years. He has experienced to build more than 50 websites. He brings creativity to real life. He is a tech freak, a biker by heart, food lover, and late riser.

Sohra Wardi

Sohra is a tech geek who has been associated with Edudigm for over a year. He has been able to get involved in a lot of development work at a young age. He has been deeply involved in technology since he was very young. He has immense knowledge about any modern technology. Not only that, but he also loves to play guitar, travel & is a fitness freak.

Debayan Chatterjee

Debayan, purely a Java guy, develops apps for Android and considers, Android as his religion. Loves to meditate, stargaze, watch action and sci-fi thrillers. Tries to solve complex technological problems in better ways. Like patriotic songs, hiphop as well as spiritual music.