“Arjuna” programs are designed to provide students with holistic guidance leading to 360 degree transformation . The program includes classroom teaching by our mentors along with tests conducted at regular intervals covering all examination patterns (school and competitive). Students progress is tracked through weekly grading of their assignments and preparation before coming to the classes. Access to their E-learning platform enables students to study notes, watch videos, take quizes and ask questions on our discussion forum. Class workbooks standardize the notes that the students take in the classes and revision chart book enable quick and through revision before exams. Classrooms are equipped with ACs audio-visual facilities to create a comfortable environment where learning becomes fun, interesting, and engaging . Regular seminars and workshops are conducted on study techniques, career opportunities , and motivation for both parents and students to create a positive and focused perspective.

The Arjuna program is offered only Edudigm study centres and at select partner schools.

Offerings:- Classroom, Tests,E-Learning, Events ,Publications.

Rajiv Agarwal

Manish Shankar

Amrita Roy

Amit Mazumder