5 Things To Do To Avoid Exam Stress

It’s exam season again and stress is inevitable. For some the stress is manageable but for others stress levels can go through the roof.

Whichever category you belong to, these small tips can relieve your stress and help you to be more relaxed and efficient!

1. Schedule some fun things to look forward to.

Exam time is a time when you likely have a packed schedule and no time for “fun”. But, as important as it is to study, one must also remember to cool off. Doing something you like during break time can help you stay in a light mood and keep you refreshed.

2. Avoid comparing yourself to others.

One of the things that contribute most to stress at this point in time is comparison. Although little comparison with friends can help you, too much can lead to obsession, which leads to anxiety and stress.

So simply lay off the obsessive comparison and have some confidence in yourself!

3. Don’t be hard on yourself.

We all do it. You’ve overslept and now you feel like you’ve wasted the whole day and ruined your routine. But remember that you are a human being and you can sometimes make mistakes. Instead of writing the whole day off or wasting time stressing about what you can’t change, take a deep breath, forgive yourself and get going!

4. Stay clear of other stressed out people

You know who they are- your nervous and negative friend or a pressurizing parent. If you can’t physically avoid them try to block out their negative comments and keep working towards your goal at your pace- you’re doing great!

5. Finally, keep things in perspective.

The importance of exams is undeniable, but always remember that there exists a bigger picture where doing bad on one test will not make a significant difference to your success and that one bad exam is not the end of the world.

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