7 Science Facts You Weren’t Taught in School!

 1. You can prove the Pythagoras’ theorem with a liquid.

If you think proving the Pythagoras’ theorem is boring then here’s a fun and unconventional way to prove it- by using a liquid! This is the Pythagorean theorem water demonstration. Notice how the two squares of water on the short sides of the right-angled triangle pour equally into the square on the hypotenuse!

Find the full video on Youtube here.

2. The volume of a pizza is pizza if radius is “z” and height is “a”.

Try it- if volume of a cylinder is Π x radius2 x height then the volume of a pizza whose radius = z and height= a is equal to Pi × z × z × a.

3. Pluto is smaller in size than Russia.

 Unimaginable, but it’s true. The surface area of Russia is 17,098,000 km² which is greater than that of Pluto’s, which is 16,600,000 km²!

4. The average person’s body contains enough DNA to stretch from the Sun to Pluto, and back — 17 times

It’s true! DNA molecules are 1.7 to 8.5 cm long when uncoiled — about 5 cm on average. There are about 37 trillion cells in the human body, so if you were to uncoil all of the DNA present in each cell and place the molecules end to end, it would sum to a total length of 2×1014 meters — which is enough for 17 Pluto round-trips since the distance from the sun to Pluto and then back again is 1.2×1013 meters.

credits to Steemit.

 5. It’s impossible to burp in space.

Yes! It is basically impossible to burp in space without also throwing up. This is because the lack of gravity in space means gas doesn’t rise in the stomach, like it does here on Earth. It instead just gets mixed up with everything else in the stomach- so if you try to burp it won’t be a pretty sight!

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6. Jellyfishes are immortal.

Some animals and plants, like jellyfishes, lobsters or bristle-cone pine trees do not die of old age, like we humans do- So they are considered to be ” biologically immortal”. If they do die it’s due to injury or disease.

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7. The human brain is the fattiest organ of the body.

It might not seem like it to you but your brain is the fattest organ in your body! It consists of about 60 percent fat and only twenty five percent cholesterol and other lipids.