8 Things NOT To Do During Your Exams

Examinations are an inevitable part of your life if you’re a student. You can find so much advice on how to change your routine for the better, what study tips will help you learn quicker and what you should do to score well. But what’s also important is that you know some things that you must absolutely NOT do when your exams are approaching.

1. Leave everything for the last minute

For a lot of students this is what inevitably happens. We all know that our “from next time I swear to be better prepared” idea doesn’t really work out- so you need to make that change as soon as you can and begin your preparations early.

2. Decide to get organized

This is not the time for you to decide to “change your ways” and “be more organised”. Going on a cleaning spree and cleaning your study table, closet, your bed and maybe eventually the entire house is only going waste your time. Save your “getting things organised” enthusiasm for later and get to the read deal- STUDY!  

3. Cram

You might think you can make up for all that you didn’t study before by sitting for a continuous stretch of time and cramming everything into your mind, but that’s simply not going to work. Your brain has a limit to how much new information it can learn and remember. The more efficient way to learn more information in a day is to take breaks and study. 

4. Study on your bed

Studying on your bed sounds super comfy but it’s also a great recipe for you to fall asleep and waste your time even further. Say no to the bed and yes to the desk.

5. Start a new T.V series? NO!

There are a lot of ways to take a break from studying, but starting a new T.V series is NOT one. We all know where “I’ll just watch ONE” leads us to- so don’t do it- stay away from T.V series. 

6. Use music to “concentrate”

Listening to your favorite music while studying sounds great, right? Well it’s not. All you are going to end up doing is smiling to the music and probably singing along. Listen to music when you take a break, but not when you study.

7. Use the phone or computer to study

Yes, in this age and time we all tend to find a lot of material on the internet which we can study from, but if you can, then stick to your books. That’s because studying on the phone or computer will lead you to Facebook or YouTube or something else and the next thing you know it’s been two hours since you’ve been scrolling.

8. Panic.

You might feel stressed and worried about your exams but at no point will panicking help you. Stress and worry will only keep you from doing well.  Learn what you can and learn it well- and hope for the best!

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