A Building in the Sky

You must have heard of really tall buildings like the Burj Khalifa or the Shanghai Towers. Architecture firm Clouds Architecture Office ( CAO) has come up with a conceptual design for another such super tall building- which will be the tallest to be ever built by mankind yet.

If this does not interest you, here’s something else for you to consider: The building proposed is meant to hang 31,068 miles above Earth- and from an asteroid!

This is the proposal for the Analemma Tower. The concept states that the tower would be constructed by placing a large asteroid in the orbit over Earth, from which a high strength cable will be lowered. With the help of these, the tower will be suspended over the surface of the Earth.

But how feasible is this tower?

Analemma Tower’s designer, Ostap Rudakevych, said that the tower could be made of existing durable and lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. The tower would be powered by space based solar panels that have a constant exposure to sunlight. Water for the tower would be captured from clouds and rainwater, and maintained in a semi-closed loop system. However, the biggest challenge for the concept to work at the moment are the cables that the tower will be suspended from. Big advances in cable engineering would be needed to achieve the cable strength that would be required to support the structure.


In terms of design, the tower will have windows of different shapes and sizes, due to the length and variation in temperature and pressure. It will be divided into three sections: the first one for business purposes, second one for residential purpose, and the third one for funerary.

The tower would travel thousands of miles between the northern and the southern hemisphere and in a loop. This loop would look much like the figure 8. When seen from the Earth, the sun too moves in such a figure, and it is not a coincidence that this shape is also known as an “analemma“- the term that the tower is named after.

Although it is not feasible to build such a tower at this moment in time, if ever made, it will allow humans to experience things they haven’t before.

CAO knows that this idea might be unrealistic for now, yet they believe it will help mankind in the future. Of this the firm told Inverse,

“We believe that some day buildings will break free from earth’s surface, releasing us from harmful floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

Analemma Tower is a speculative idea for how this might be achieved sometime in the future.”


This article was contributed by Edudigm’s student Ishika  Sadhukhan.









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