7 Last Minute Exam Hacks!

It’s the dreaded old exam season yet again and stress levels are running high. The last few days before exams begin can be really frightening, but there are a few tricks and tips that can help you improve your situation and relieve your stress!

1. Get up and GO!

Worry and stress can make us procrastinate big time! Lazing around, lying on your bed and thinking about how much you have left to do is not going to help! So the first thing to do is to make sure that you start early in the day. This will ensure that you have enough time on your hands to study, take breaks and revise in a healthy and productive way!

2. Prioritize!

This is not a time to go into revision frenzy! If you try to study all the material available to you right before your exams, chances are that you will get lost and waste precious time.

Instead, make a priority list! Set a goal. 

Section your entire syllabus- keep the bigger and more complex parts for early revision. Slowly work your way through the list and tick off the sections that you are done with. This will help you keep track of what you are doing and keep a clear head.

3. Gather your last-minute material.

The lesser time you have the more this applies. Going through the entire syllabus might confuse you so be ready with some useful last minute revision tools like short notes, summaries and old question papers.

Go through your textbooks and jot down key notes on each area.  Gather all old question papers and solve them- even if you can’t solve all of the questions, you can look up the answers and learn from them!

To make things easier for you all, mentors at Edudigm have come up with an amazing tool known as the Revision Chart Book. Don’t forget to check out the link https://www.edudigm.in/rcharts/ to get more details about the same.

4. Ask a friend.

Problem shared is problem halved. Stressing over unsolved problems will not help you actually solve them. If a teacher is unavailable go to your friends! Especially for cases when particularly difficult problems crop up- two brains are better than one!

Asking your friends to help you will aid in their revision and similarly, helping a friend out will also helps in yours!

5. Turn off the TECH!

Social media can be a huge distraction. It can be hard to stay off Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube if you have your phone and laptop beeping with notifications! There is enough time to go through your social media accounts after your exam, so keep your gadgets away for now.

6. Take Breaks.

You might think non-stop studying will help you make up for everything that you haven’t covered or revised yet, but that is actually a sure way to forget everything in the exam hall! Instead take breaks between every two hours of studying- listen to some music or walk around the house and stretch out your limbs. Interact with the people around you or simply take a quiet walk.

Studying with breaks helps your brain re-energize itself and helps solidify all learned information so that you don’t forget anything while writing your exam.

7. And, finally, Relax.

It might stress you out to think of the mounting pressure and nearness of the exam. But remember that you are more likely to do well if you are relaxed. Make sure you eat and sleep well. Your exams are an important part of your life but one bad exam is neither the end of the world, nor does it define your worth as a human being.

In any case, being positive can go a long way!

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