Revise in just one hour!- How to use the Power Hour.

We all understand the stress of revision.

Cramming information at the last moment is never helpful but revision for most people is, understandably, boring.

The solution to this is- getting creative with studying and revision.

Put away your old ways of mugging up information- instead get smart with charts, flashcards and video essays, it is the fastest and most rewarding way.

Here’s how to use your very own Flashcards-

Another simple way to revise efficiently in the shortest time is to use the power hour.

Here’s a How To guide.


#1 Solving previous years question papers help you get a good grasp on the various types of questions that are asked in exams, get you used to question patterns and help you become quicker at solving problems.

#2 Revise using short gaps between your revisions, this helps your brain solidify the information you are trying to retain.

#3 Learn to finish your tests within the given time- practise this with question paper samples at home- and never come home with an unfinished paper!

This also gets you in the habit of being able to fully concentrate for long exam periods.

#4 Understand what your examiner wants.

This means that not only do you need to understand the specifics of what the question wants, you also need to focus on the marking scheme of the test. For this- correct your own papers like you think an examiner would!

#5 Finally, make sure that you get feedback from a teacher!

Use the power hour to your benefit- spend less time but get quality results.