What is Marine Engineering?

Marine Engineering is a category of engineering careers which has been under the covers for a long time in India and has been low-key up until recently, when it has seen a boom and a lot of exposure.  A lot of marine engineering colleges have opened up and many engineering colleges have inducted marine engineering in their course curriculum.

So let’s find out what it actually is.

Marine Engineering caters to the engineering and systematizing of water vehicles, structures like boats, ships, oil rigs and all kinds of marine vessels. It also includes Oceanographic or Ocean Engineering. To explain more simply, marine engineering is the application and exercising of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering as well as computer science engineering to the building, development, design, maintenance and advancement in technology of marine vessels and oceanic structures. 

Also very importantly, its concern does not lie only with marine vessels and man-made boats and vessels like submarines and ships, but also with natural marine structures and environment.

Marine engineers are employed as naval architects, which involves the building and construction of ships and its designs. Apart from that, they work in developing the propulsion, powering and mechanizing aspects of the ship (ventilation, cargo handling, air-conditioning, interior and exterior communication).

Electric power generation and electric power distribution systems are designed and developed by their suppliers; only installation is the design responsibility of the marine engineer. Also, marine engineers are involved and employed in off-shore engineering works like construction and design of fixed and floating marine structures like oil platforms and off-shore wind farms.


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