Classroom Kit

Available features

Class Presentation


  •  All classes are taken via class presentations
  • All classroom students get access to these online
  • Class presentations made by our experts are ludic, holistic and enjoyable

  • Enable revision and review outside the class
  • Can be accessed anytime and anywhere
  • Animations, images, charts, maps helps in easy understanding of concepts

class assignment


  • After each classroom lecture, students need to solve the class assignments
  • Subject wise and chapter wise books containing weekly task
  • Covers objective as well as subjective questions of all type

  • Keeps the spirit of practice is the key to success alive
  • random checking during classes/PTMs keeps student on their toes
  • Ensure consistency of performance



  • Regular class test conducted on weekly basis
  • Test contains all pattern of selected questions
  • Coverage of topics covered in class

  • Helps in identifying weak areas of student
  • Keep the students engaged and on their toes
  • Ensures consistency and enhanced exam performance

class notes


  • Each classroom lecture is accompanied by class notes
  • Class notes are subject and chapter wise transcripts of lecture
  • Include all important concepts and problem solved in class

  • Highest level of clearity and structuring to class notes
  • Balance theoratical aspects of boards as well as problem solving for competitive exams
  • Ideal tool for revision as students recollect from what is taught in class