Download EAST Sample Paper (Class X)


Download EAST Sample Paper (Class XI)


EAST - Edudigm Aptitude cum Scholarship Test (EAST) helps students, parents and the school understand the career opportunities and explore the talents and skills of the student. This is the first step towards mapping the skills that are needed for certain career paths and how they can be further honed in a systematic manner by the student.

EAST comprises of the following:
Step 1: Take the online/offline assessment. The assessment has questions related to science, mathematics, logical reasoning and general aptitude based on the standard/class that the student is studying in along with those related to the interest of the student . An in-depth 360 degree report is created to give an in-depth understanding of the student’s aptitude, interests, strengths, weakness, next steps of progression etc. Also, in case of students who get selected for our Arjuna classroom program, the scores in the test will decide the scholarship that is awarded to the student.
Step 2: Attend the one to one online/face to face counseling session. In this session the student and parent get to interact with a counselor who has the know-how and expertise to understand the needs of the student keeping in mind their interests and chart out a plan of action for them that would help the student in their short-term as well as long-term goals.

Both Step 1 & 2 can be done either at the student’s home/ our center/partner school or any other nearby pre-designated location.

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