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Haimanty Roy Adhikary

1 month before

Hysteric Complaint

What are hysteric complaints?How to deal with it?If there is any relation between hysteric complaints and hysteria?


2 weeks before

The definition of a hysteria is a craze or a state of extreme emotional excitement or upset. When everyone is in a panic about a potential upcoming storm, this is an example of a time when there is great hysteria about the storm. It is mental instability, fits of rage, anxiety; things that can actually happen when you are suffering from an illness or trauma. In 1980, hysteria was removed from medical texts as a disorder unto itself, but it has remained present as a symptom of disease brought on by specific trauma, both physical and mental. So, when we speak of the treatment and cure of these patients, we wrongly say we have cured the hysteria; we have cured only the hysterical symptom. What most physicians in their ardor have left untouched and untreated is the hysterical psyche which gave rise to the symptom which has incapacitated the patient.