Pradip - “Pradip” means “light” or “lamp”. At Edudigm, we believe that education is the light that leads to positive transformation. Right from our inception in 2009, we have ensured that financial background does not become an impediment for student’s who possesses the desire and talent to reach new heights. Every year, we empower meritorious students from weak financial background with “Pradip Scholarships” to achieve their dreams.

Pradip is a scholarship program that allows its recipients (Pradip Scholars) to undertake the classroom (Arjuna Platinum) program across any Edudigm centre for the Engineering/Medical/Combined course with a 100% tuition fee waiver for that academic year. Students’ selected under this scholarship program may also have their study-kit fee sponsored by a donor (individual/corporate). Successful student’s (those getting admission into the IITs, NITs, AIIMS, ISI etc.) also become eligible to get further benefits under this scholarship program during their course of higher studies in college.

We accept applications round the year (subject to availability) from student’s (of class 10 moving to class 11, class 11 moving to class 12 and class 12 pass) with parent’s income less than 3 lacs/annum and having secured: more than 80% in the Science & Mathematics subjects in their class 10/12 board exams OR having qualified in the EAST (Edudigm Aptitude cum Scholarship Test).

The process of selection and subsequent involves interview(s) of the student with his/her parent(s) along with documents provided by the school/local administration.

To know more, please send an email to: with the subject of the mail as: “Pradip Scholarship”