Revision Charts

  • All the hard work that students put in through out the year boils down to those 2 to 3 hours in the exam hall.
  • A vast syllabus requires that a student does multiple revisions of all the topics to enable him/her to simplify, recall and produce knowledge in the exam hall.
  • After all the difference between good and great performance in an exam depends on two parameters: speed and accuracy.

The process of revision can be broadly categorized into three steps:

  • Understanding – To grasp the knowledge and concepts involved in a given domain
  • Organizing – To structure and segment this acquired knowledge for clarity
  • Retain – To be able to remember and apply this knowledge in an exam

A Revision chart is a type of graphic organizer to represent all the concepts involved in a chapter. It empowers a student with:

  1. Faster understanding by including all the important definitions, concepts, diagrams and their applications
  2. Clearer organization via an ordered navigation of all the concepts
  3. Better retention through usage of graphics and colours
Product Specifications & Deliverables
Chapter Revision Maps covering all chapters of Class 10 of CBSE/ICSE/WB board (Science & Mathematics)
Book description: 1 Book containing elaborate colorful charts (A3 size) depicting all the concepts with their applications of each and every chapter in Science & Mathematics
Who should buy: Students appearing for Board level exams in 2017 looking at forming a complete picture of the chapters, thorough understanding of the concepts & quick revision of the syllabus
Product cost – Rs. 490/-
Product Specifications
There are four books, one each on:
As can be understood from the index page that these books are exhaustive in their coverage and cover the syllabus of all Engineering/Medical Entrance examinations including board examinations.
Content description: Each book contains neatly designed, colorful charts (A3 size) to depict all the concepts with their applications of each and every chapter.
Who should buy: Students of class XI & XII appearing for Board & Competitive level exams in 2017/2018 looking at boosting their performance by forming a complete picture of the chapters, thorough understanding of the concepts & quick revision of the syllabus.
Product cost
  • Physics (1 book) – Rs. 290/- (In Stock)
  • Mathematics (1 book) – Rs. 290/- (In Stock)
  • Chemistry (1 book) – Rs. 440/- (In Stock)
  • Biology (2 books)
    • Botany – Rs. 350 / – (In Stock)
    • Zoology – Rs. 400 / – (Out of Stock)

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