Study Kit

Available features



  •  Vedas are books that have theoratical coverage of all concepts of all chapters
  • Illustrative example of each concept along with reasons
  • Simple and easy language

  • Strong foundation with complete understanding of theory
  • Comprehensive language for ease of understanding
  • Examples to enable grasping of concepts and their applications



  • Question banks with exhaustive collection of all types of objective and subjective problems
  • Problems chapter wise with answer keys and solution
  • Questions divided into levels of difficulty

  • Enables sufficient practice of all pattern of problems
  • Different difficulty levels of questions leads to leaning in a gradual manner
  • Exposure and confidence by solving quality problems



  • Question banks with higher order question
  • Mixed problems of all chapters and patterns
  • Collection of assorted, important and probable problems

  • Ideal book for revision after course completion
  • Solving this book would improves performance in competitive examinations
  • Exposure to similar patterns of problems asked in exams

concept maps


  • Complete theory of each concept with example
  • Available online and printed format
  • short crisp charts, maps and review notes

  • Ideal for quick reference
  • Grasp of all the fundamentals at one place
  • Extremely useful for revision