Edudigm Aptitude cum Scholarship Test for class 5 to 12 students


Classroom mentoring for Engineering/Medical entrance exams


Distance mentoring program with study material, mock tests and e-learning


Revision chart books in Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Biology

About Us

Since 2009, Edudigm, an initiative by IIT Kharagpur alumni has been providing high quality mentoring services via its classroom, mock test and e-­learning programs to empower students to explore opportunities, enjoy learning and excel in examinations.

With a vision to make quality education accessible and affordable for all, we at Edudigm believe in learning, doing and improving all the time.

To make quality education accessible and affordable.

We mentor students to achieve their dreams.

Our Core Values

Create Happiness

We strive to achieve meaning and happiness, both for ourselves and for the customer, through whatever work we do

Be Innovative

We have a missionary zeal to innovate and find the best solutions to education and learning related problems of the world

Be Customer Focussed

We make every effort to do everything keeping in mind the needs and wants of the customer

Improve Continuously

We aspire to continuously keep improving upon our work based on structured measurements and tracking

Have Integrity

It is of utmost importance to us that there is integrity in whatever we do

Be Owners

We have always firmly believed in a culture of ownership and accountability


The Arjuna Program is designed to provide students with holistic guidance leading to 360 transformation. The program includes classroom teaching by our mentors along with tests conducted at regular intervals covering all examination patterns (school and competitive), access to our E-learning platform that enables students to study notes, watch videos, take quizzes and ask questions on our discussion forum. Class workbooks standardize the notes that the students take in the classes and revision maps enable quick and through revision before exams.


EKLAVYA (Distance learning) programs are designed to provide students with mentoring support through a combination of regular mock test and learning through our e-Learning platform. The most important feature of the program is that students can study at their own pace.The program has no geographical barriers and is hence accessible to students across the country.

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