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Offline Learning Program
(Only For Durgapur)

This is where Physical meets Digital. Learn from experts around the country through online classes and how to apply this knowledge in the real world offline.

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Online Classroom Learning Program

Live engaging classroom with two subject matter experts instead of one! Masterclasses, Doubt solving sessions, study kits & much more

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Self Paced Learning Program
(Coming Soon)

For the independent learner who likes to do things their own way. Check out our curated offerings of concept & application videos, career support & more

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We have been selected as a registered ISRO merchandisee in 2021. We conduct seminars by experts from various fields including astronomy, chemistry & mathematics. Check out our Cool science T-shirts and DIY experiment kits (Coming Soon)

SEED, the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies, partners with entrepreneurs in emerging markets to build thriving enterprises that transform lives. We have been selected as one of the Top 60 companies out of 500+ companies in terms of positive social impact in South Asia in 2019

We are known for

Giving your ambition a direction

With Personalized learning paths, career support from our student success mentors and fun weekend webinars on the scope of STEM

Bringing focus back to your academics

Our programs are integrated with your school syllabus such that you don’t have to worry about missing out or not keeping up

Improving your performance 5x in Competitive exams

Figured out what’s missing from your exam prep yet? We are offering science and math courses with that much needed competitive edge.

Teaching skills that matter

Apart from traditional STEM learning and courses, our focus is to teach the next generation how to be creative in solving real world problems.

Setting you up for success

Join our Alumni studying or working at Top institutes around the world. Our network of STEM experts encourages you to dive in and strive for excellence.

Why join us?

At Edudigm, we believe each student is special and with talents waiting to be discovered. We are in awe of the miracles the world of science has to offer and wish to impart this knowledge to the younger generation.

Our Master Teachers

Rajiv Agarwal


Subhomoy Bakshi


Rima Rai


Our Talent in 2021

Edudigm learning companion app is a fun, cool and exciting platform where students get to discuss, share, and watch concept videos on thousands of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) topics


Who can enroll for Edudigm’s Learning Program?

Our Programs are meant for students from class 6-12 from CBSE, ICSE, State boards across India, who are interested in Science, Mathematics and related fields. For students preparing for various competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, Science Olympiads etc

Are Edudigm’s programs mapped to the school syllabus/curriculum?

Our Offline and Online Classroom programs are synced with the school curriculum & syllabus. Self Paced learning program covers the curtailed syllabus but since it’s a self-study based program, progress is kept in check via regular assessments.

How to Enroll?

Students need to take EAST (Edudigm Aptitude cum Scholarship Test) post which they will be eligible for a certain amount of scholarship (upto 100%) to any of Edudigm’s programs. Or Book a call with us here.

How is Edudigm’s Learning Program different from Edudigm Learning Companion App?

Edudigm offers India’s first STEM learning program with Offline, Online and Self Paced options. Our offerings include Masterclasses with the best teaching minds in the country, Problem solving classes with Subject matter experts (offline/online), Doubt Clearing Sessions, Bi-weekly webinars with other science enthusiasts (WowSTEM & GoSTEM), quizzes and application videos on ELC app.

What are the different courses offered in the Edudigm Programs?

For classes 6, 7 & 8 we offer the Ascension course. For classes 9 & 10 we offer the Apprentice course. For classes 11, 12 & 12+ we offer the Pinnacle course.

What is the difference between Offline Classroom Learning and Online Classroom Learning?

In the case of Offline Classroom learning programs we usually tie up with our partner school to build a center of excellence wherein we offer both Physical + Online learning. You can register at any of our open centers to get this perk.

What is the difference between a MasterTeacher and a Facilitator?

Our MasterTeachers are trained and experienced teachers who are excellent presenters and take weekday classes online. Facilitators are subject matter experts who are equipped with practical sense of the subjects and trained to conduct problem solving and activity sessions with students either online or offline. All of our faculty members are graduates from Top universities such as IITs, Stanford etc.

What is in the study kit?

Our study kit comprises a personalized class workbook meant to cater all the academic needs of the student and decrease screen time. (Not applicable in Self Paced Program)

What is the role of a student success mentor?

Our Student Success mentors make sure the student is on track with the progress, proficiency and keep their parents updated as well on a weekly / monthly basis depending on the program opted.

Is the Edudigm Learning Companion App available for free?

The app is free to download and some content is free of charge. You have to purchase the program to access the complete learning program.

What is the pricing for the Programs?

The cost of the course will be dependent on the student’s performance in EAST, depending on which they will be awarded a certain merit based scholarship. For further details, click here.

Do I have to pay to attend GoSTEM & WowSTEM webinars?

After taking EAST, students get unlimited access to GoSTEM & WowSTEM.

Do I have to pay to take EAST?

If you are a student belonging to any of our partner schools, you can take EAST for Free. If not, EAST registration fees are just INR 200. Register here.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime I want?

For queries related to cancellation and refunds, write to us at- Our team will get back to you shortly.

How can I pay?

Payments can be made in installments or at once via online mode. Check out our Pricing plans for all programs here.

I have downloaded the ELC app but the screen is not loading, what do I do?

If the screen is stuck or not loading further, please uninstall and reinstall the app, making sure there’s an active internet connection to do so. If you’re still facing any issues write to us at- and someone from our team will get in touch shortly.

My verification code for the ELC app is not working, what do I do?

If you are facing any issues with the verification code, please call our helpline number: +91 8585000295 or write to us at- .

What is your Customer helpline number?

Feel free to contact us at: +91 8585000295


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